Safe Haven
Safe Haven
My name is Tim. 20 Years Old. Manic Depressive. 'If you're going through hell, keep on going'.
You're so cute and brilliant and ugh i have no confidence to talk to you

Why not!? D: come talk to me.

Where are you from? You are just perfect 👌😱😍

Florida! :D

I think I am literally made up of selfies. 

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You are sooo cute it actually makes me smile 😯😊


Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes

Titties titties.

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Messy hair don’t care.

On a side note the catfishes are many today. Sad, too. I’M NOT STUPID YOU KNOW!

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You're cute, and I'm not even going to bother talking to you. Why, because you're out of my league. 😩

What league is that? :p

Who do you think you’re kidding baby? 
I know that I make you crazy.

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I wanna kik you but I'm very awkward and lame

So am I!

My dreams are just airplanes that never land. 💕

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Biggest regret? Love your blog x

Losing someone who meant the world to me.

So, you're super hot. 😲😚

🙈 And you’re a good liar

At my most ratchet after a workout. 

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